What's New
5/7/20: There is a new Free Late Season Banner, please use this instead of the previous version.

3/22/20: The tax deadline is now July 15th! Late Season banners and messaging are now available to reflect the new deadline. Please use the updated Marketing Calendar for guidance on adjusting timing of your marketing efforts.

1/10/20: We've added banners and email templates promoting TurboTax Self-Employed, for those who can target that audience.

1/10/20: Plan to update creative for the early April peak, using late season banners and messaging.

12/9/19: Discount and Free banners are now available for TY19.

11/18/19: The Toolkit is now stocked with TY19 messaging, email templates and more!

10/7/19: The TurboTax Marketing Toolkit is currently being updated for Tax Year 2019! Use the Marketing Calendar to start developing your marketing plan, and check back soon for more updates!

What Drives Results
Successful Affiliate Program members find the 3 most effective ways to market TurboTax are:
  • Home page banners
  • Online banking banners
  • TurboTax focused emails
The TurboTax Marketing Calendar details the execution and timing that will drive your results.