Brand & Legal Guidelines

IMPORTANT: TurboTax brand and legal guidelines are changing for Tax Year 2019.

TurboTax has many products and services tailored to a range of audiences that give breadth and depth to our brand. Rather than creating a unique identity for each of these products, we focus on building one strong brand. The use of unapproved logos and creative can severely dilute and fragment our marketing efforts and our brand image. Our goal is to create a seamless and consistent experience across all customer touchpoints, and this requires strict adherence to our guidelines by our partners.

Follow the guidelines in the TurboTax Brand Guidelines document to ensure the visual equity of the TurboTax brand. The guidelines answer questions like:
    1) What's the minimum size I can present the TurboTax logo?
    2) How much clear space is required around the logo?
    3) What colors are in the TurboTax color palette?

The marketing assets provided on this TurboTax Marketing Toolkit already include all necessary legal language. If you create your own TurboTax marketing materials, we require that you not only follow our logo and brand guidelines, but that you also include the appropriate legal language, as described in this document.