How the Program Works

How the Program Works

  1. Affiliates drive internet traffic to their co-branded microsite through both Online and Offline marketing. TurboTax provides many of these turn-key marketing assets!
  2. Earn up to 15% in revenue share* on all qualifying revenue made through your co-branded microsite.
  3. We send payments to affiliates at the end of the preliminary tax season.

Once you join the program, we will give you access to our program management site. This site is where you will download your marketing materials, view your performance reports, and get the latest marketing opportunities available to you through the Affiliate Program.

Participation is Easy and Free

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Post the TurboTax links and banners from our toolkit on your website.
  3. Begin tracking your campaigns online. Our reporting is updated frequently and ensures that all of your sales are counted and makes it a snap for you to keep track of your results.

*As an affiliate, you will receive up to 15% revenue share based upon net usage fees actually collected by Intuit from customers who complete and pay for their tax return from your co-branded microsite, if you meet the minimum amount of $1,000.

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